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10 wasn't perfect, but he was having a breakdown during Waters of Mars and no one was supposed to be happy with what he was doing. And at least RTD, who also was so not perfect, didn't have Moffat's love of the reset button. from Anonymous


And this is why I don’t talk about Ten.

Yeah, no one was supposed to be happy with what he was doing.  I wasn’t talking about the narrative, I was talking about the character.  About the fact that Ten could say those things, and that it wasn’t out of the blue but a devolution of everything the character had been from the start.  He had a god complex from the start, view himself as better, made moral judgements on others.  I’m not saying I had trouble just with Waters of Mars but with his whole character from the start.

RTD wanted his Doctor to be the best most special ever and Rose to be the most special companion ever.  And I find that Moffat respects the history of the show more than RTD.

They are both crap.  I don’t like either, but I dislike RTD more than Moffat.  I dislike the way RTD writes women more than Moffat.

Earlier I compared it to being in a frying pan rather than being in a fire.  Both are bad things.